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Let`s build together

Currently there are no centres of a similar kind in Latvia or the Baltics. Building “Bridges of dreams” is not possible without support from society. Costs of the project can reach EUR 3 million, the project is planned to be carried out in stages and completed in 2023.

The first task is to find a suitable building plot, ideally in Pieriga. We have contacted several municipalities, however, in the summer, changes to the law will come into effect, which will allow municipalities to lease land with building rights for up to 30 years, after which the municipality would be free to deal with our center however they want. Therefore, we would like to ask the owners of private land to join our project.

Time plan


Fundraising, land search


Sketch competition






Opening of the MCH

Supporting the establishment of the Center is possible by donating money online or by reviewing the BPAB account:

AS „Swedbank”
Bērnu paliatīvās aprūpes biedrība
Reģ. Nr. 40008033071


We will also be grateful for the intellectual work donations: project management, design, etc. For more information, please contact Anda Jansone by emailing or calling phone number: +371 67 064 443 or +371 28 350 053.