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Idea of Dream bridges

Idea of Dream bridges

Project “Sapņu tilti” (in translation meaning “Dream bridges”) are the intention of Children’s Palliative Care Society to build a multifunctional care center where assistance will be provided to families which raise incurably ill children with a very severe functional condition and limited survival. Planned services of the new multifunctional center:

  • day center services;
  • respite for families;
  • maintenance rehabilitation of functional condition;
  • care for the last days of a child’s life in an environment as close as possible to home conditions;
  • support groups for parents, brothers and sisters;
  • education center for specialits of various fields

Why “Dream bridges” are needed?

In Latvia, there are approximately 600-700 children with incurable diseases and/or limited survival. Their number is growing each year.

Mostly, children suffer from neurological, genetic, oncological diseases, most of patients need an assistance for many years.

If the child can’t be cured, this does not mean that he can’t be helped!

Promise to little patients and their families

To let children be children – games and activities are the key that makes up family memories of time being at the multifunctional care center.

Cozy atmosphere – clients and staff feel like at home not at a hospital or nursing home.

Contact with nature – environment that helps to relax and have fun.

Refuge – many families experience severe suffering and they need a possibility to recover.

Community – a possibility to meet people with similar experience and to maintain contacts.

Care and support – facilities and a team that builds trust and allows families to truly recover.

Together till the end – support when a child deceases, dignified mourning rituals, place of remembrance.

Mission and vision

Mission of the project is to provide medical, social, psychological and mental care for children with incurable diseases, providing support to the families throughout child’s illness, at the time of death and during mourning.


Creating a multifunctional care center “Dream bridges”, we hope to build dream bridges to happy, qualitative and full life despite the limitions of health, incl.:

  • To significantly improve a quality of life of incurable children and their families,
  • To provide an opportunity to receive palliative care for children in Latvia,
  • To ensure a sufficient number of pediatric palliative care professionals,
  • To become a leader in palliative care training in the region.

Project implementer

Children’s Palliative Care Society has been working since 1998. Currently, the society provides professional assistance to children and their relatives at home, performs informative educational work and training for specialists, takes a part in development and implementation of nacional stragetic documents.

More information:,

Account for donations: bank account at A/S “Swedbank”: LV89HABA0551031987269