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Children’s companions across Bridges of dreams

The aim of the Photo Projects ‘Dream Bridges’ is to show that every child, irrespective of his or her state of health, is first a baby, not a patient or a diagnosis, and to invite the public to participate in the establishment of a multifunctional palliative care center for children. Our goal is also to show that even though their children’s daily lives are limited by their health conditions, they are essentially equal to everyone else.

The Children’s Palliative Care Society is grateful to the courageous and responsive people in the community who have agreed to become companionship to incurably ill children, their families. Fulfill a small dream that is immense for these families! Invite the public to see the children first rather than the diagnosis or health condition!

Martins’ companion Pēteris Kļava

“I see – there is a place for miracles in our live. The more you learn and know, the more you can achieve. That is exactly how those miracles materialize – through everyone’s knowledge and skills.” said Pēteris Kļava in August’s magazine LILIT. We experienced every word in person – how very fast Martins trusted Pēteris, the Sparks of miracles vibrated in the air. Martins through emotions can answer to questions. He loves his family very much.

His companion Pēteris Kļava is anesthesiologist-reanimatologist at Children’s Clinical University Hospital. He conducts lectures at the society Reanimāre. As Pēteris himself says: “Changes in the world, state start from each person’s ability to be aware of his consciousness (which basically is not his consciousness) and its creative potential. And, only by developing the absolute compassion it is possible to develop and use this huge consciousness energy responsibly.”

Lāsma’s companion Marika Ģederte

“I am very honored to be the companion for one wonderful girl Lāsma and her family in the frame of photo project “Dream bridges”. The aim of this project is to reveal that every child is loveable, has right to childhood, and I invite to support the implementation of multifunctional care center “Dream bridges”. Friends, let us assist and give a hand to those who are in great need of this help.”

Already since the birth, many say that Lāsma is a strong fighter. Because of feet stretches, many also call Lāsma a ballerina. Lāsma’s companion is Marika Ģederte – Latvian businesswoman who acquired recognizability and media attention as a president of Blonde association of Latvia. Ģederte is also a winner of the beauty contest “Mrs. Universe 2008”. Owner of the Internation College of Cosmetology.

Nikola’s and Vanesa’s companion Rēzija Kalniņa

Positive emotions and smile of both sisters give joy to their family everyday. Nikola is like an angel who can gently caress with her eyes, and Vanesa is like a sun who can warm with her smile.

Girls’ companion is actress and director from the Dailes theatre Rēzija Kalniņa. Rēzija says about herself: “I am interested in happiness, harmony, peace, also in need to help and make life easier for others.”

Amelija’s companion Guna Geikina

Amelija is a little fighter, millenium child with large blue eyes and a huge strength and endurance. Very patient and serious girl.

For her family, one of Amelija’s charming smiles is enough to forget about all problems and difficulties.

Amelija’s companion is Guna Geikina, Dr.psych, in clinical psychology, therapist of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

She works as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist both individually and in groups. The focus of the work is more oriented to clients’ consultation related to the experienced stress (work with parents of children with disabilities).

Lillija’s companion Sarmīte Rubule

Lillija is cute, calm girl with beautiful hair. Lillija’s family is strengthened by being together, watching cartoons and good movies and relaxing by the sea.

Lillija’s companion is actress from the Dailes theatre, cinema and TV diva Sarmīte Rubule.

Dāvids’ companion Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa

Actress from the Dailes threatre. She filmed in TV series “Ugunsgreks (Fire)” and “Ēnu spēles (Shadow games)”. Together with a music band Iron Wolf she sang a song “Restrain my hands”.

Saverio Amedeo’s companion Elita Mīlgrāve

Saverio Amedeo is very emotional, he likes classical music to which he reacts with a smile, likes water sounds, and very, very likes to be near dad and mom.

Saverio Amedeo’s companion is Elita Mīlgrāve – Latvian businesswoman, music manager. At 1984 she started to work at Latvia Radio, created programs “Mikrofons (Microphone)” and “Mikrofona aptauja (Microphone poll)”. At 1996, in Riga together with a music producer Guntars Račs founded a music record company “Mikrofona Ieraksti (Microphone recordings)”. Currently, Mīlgrāve is the chairman of the company’s board, as well as the same position she has at Latvian Music Producer’s Association. More, she is a member of the board at the Fund of Mārtiņš Freimanis and Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association. She is a participant at dance ensemble “Līgo”. As well, she is a manager of several Latvian musicians.

Sofija’s companion Ieva Brante

“This is something special. To the depths of the heart. Full of care and love. With teardrop pearls and fragile soul dust…”

Sofija’s nickname is “Tummy” because long after a birth she had a big tummy like an inflated balloon.
She likes senses or sounds when kisses cheeks, these are moments when she manages to smile gently with holes and a wide mouth. She has beautiful, thin, long hair, that even braids can be braided.

Sofija’s companion is Ieva Brante who says about herseft: “I am civilly active jurist, participant in public performances. I act on my conviction and my understanding of what it should be like.”

Gusts’ companion Anna Rozīte

Gusts is a fighter from the first day. He is his family’s energy source. These small emotions, sounds and facial expressions make happy.

Gusts’ companion is Latvian TV personality and event manager Anna Rozīte.

Kristaps’ companion Anna Lieckalniņa – Krimele

“Today a little boy fell into my arms! Kristapiņš! Kristapiņš ir very sweet, and just want to kiss the big eyes owner!

We met in the frame of this wonderful project which in very beautiful way, in collaboration with photographer Angela Forker from USA, wants to draw public attention to children with special needs and appeal to accept them!”

Kristaps is a Sun’s child who brings a joy, happiness, unconditional love in the family. He is like a Professor because in trying to understand and hear him, the family feels like the students who still have a lot to learn.

Kristaps’ companion is Anna Lieckalniņa – Krimele, theologian, gestalt therapist and former TV personality.

Patriks’ companion Evita Zālīte – Grosa

Patriku viennozīmīgi raksturo milzīgs pozitīvisms un spēcīga, tīra enerģētika. Viņš ir pilns mīlestības un gaismas, un ir gatavs apskaut visu pasauli. Ģimenei viņš ir iemācījis izbaudīt katru mirkli un novērtēt ikdienas pozitīvos sīkumus. Šie sīkumiņi arī veido laimi, dod spēku un jēgu visam.

Patrika ceļabiedre ir operdziedātāja un Latvijas Republikas Saeimas deputāte Evita Zālīte – Grosa.