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First multifunctional

children palliative care

center in Latvia!

Let’s build together!


About dream bridges

“Sapņu tilti” (or in translation “Dream bridges”) is the intention of the Children’s Palliative Care Society to build a multifunctional care center where assistance will be provided to families which raise incurably ill children with a very severe functional condition and limited survival. Planned services of the new multifunctional center:

  • day center services;
  • respite for families;
  • maintenance rehabilitation of functional condition;
  • care for the last days of a child’s life in an environment as close as possible to home conditions;
  • support groups for parents, brothers and sisters;
  • education center for specialits of various fields

Photo project “Dream bridges” in cooperation with Angela Forker

The world-famous Precious Baby Project artist Angela Forker was attracted by the intention to build this center. At the end of May – early in June 2019 the artist visited Latvia to photograph 10 families in which incurably ill children grow up. Show that every baby is beautiful, loved, see the message he brings to this world – that is Angela’s message through these artworks.

The lively, touching photos will be on view in 2019:

  • the 6th-13th September 2019 – at University of Latvia, House of Science, Jelgavas street 3, Riga;
  • the 1st-31st October 2019 – at Children’s Clinical University Hospital, Sunny days’ library, Riga
  • November-December 2019 – at Riga Cathedral.
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